140+ Texting and Driving Slogans (2023)

Best And Cool Texting and Driving Slogans

140+ Texting and Driving Slogans. According to reports, cell phone usage while driving is reportedly the cause of 1.6 million crashes each year, making distracted driving the nation’s number one cause of fatalities. One in five people who perished in car accidents in 2018 involved distracted driving at the time of the accident. As an illustration, these people were biking or walking.

Texting and Driving Slogans

These are troubling statistics, and while avoiding distracted driving requires self-control and accepting responsibility for your actions, raising awareness of the risks can help prevent accidents from happening in the future. To spread the word about the risks of distracted driving, I’ve gathered more than 100 slogans that discourage texting and driving.

Texting and Driving Prevention Slogans

Here is the list of Texting and Driving Prevention Slogans:

  1. Don’t Make Texting And Driving A Habit
  2. You Can Send That Text Later
  3. Texting And Driving Is Never A Good Idea
  4. Avoid Texting While Driving
  5. No Texting While Driving
  6. Don’t Make A Disaster. Don’t Text And Drive
  7. Keep Your Eyes On The Road, Your Hands On The Wheel
  8. Texting While Driving Is Never Worth The Risk
  9. Don’t Send That Text. It’s Not Worth It
  10. Mind On The Drive. Hands-On The Wheel. Eyes On The Street
  11. Your Skills At Driving Don’t Get Better When You Text And Drive
  12. Save A Life. Don’t Take That Call
  13. Don’t Text And Drive
  14. Either You Text Or Your Drive. Choose One
  15. Every Second Counts. Don’t Take Your Eyes On The Road
  16. Never Take Your Eyes Off The Road
  17. Practice Safe Driving And Start Saving Lives
  18. If You Love Your Life Stop Texting While Driving
  19. You Don’t Want It To Be Your Last Text
  20. Think About The People Who Care. Stop Texting And Driving
  21. Always Keep Your Hands On The Wheel And Your Eyes On The Road
  22. Say Goodbye To Your Life When You Text And Drive
  23. Stop A Disaster. Stop Texting While Driving
  24. No Life Is Worth A Text
  25. Save Lives. Stop Texting While Driving
  26. Don’t Be A Killer. Save Your Life. Save Others. Stop Texting And Driving
  27. It’s Not Worth Dying Over A Phone Call
  28. Life Matters. Don’t Text And Drive
  29. No Text Or Phone Call Is Worth Your Life
  30. Eyes On The Road Not On Your Phone
  31. It’s Not Worth Dying Over A Text Message
  32. Texting While Driving Doesn’t Make You A Better Driver
  33. Fast Drive Can Be Your Last Drive
  34. Text OR Drive. You Can’t Do Both

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Never Text and Drive Slogans

  1. Make No Mistake. Send That Text Later. Just Drive Now
  2. That One Second Off The Road Can Kill Someone
  3. Don’t Let It Become Your Last Text
  4. Drive Safely. Say No To Texting While Driving
  5. Drive Smart. Don’t Text And Drive
  6. Say Goodbye To Your Life When You Send That Text
  7. Better Than Late Reply Than No Reply At All
  8. Phone Usage While Driving Increases Your Chances Of Dying
  9. One Text Or Call Could Wreck Your Life
  10. Texting While Driving Kills

Quotes about Texting and Driving

  1. “The average driver takes their eyes off the road for 5 seconds per text message, covering an entire football field’s worth of road.” – Anonymous
  2. “Baseball is like driving, it’s the one who gets home safely that counts.” – Tommy Lasorda
  3. “The text says, “see you soon”, but you never do.” – Rachel Dyet
  4. “Honk if you love Jesus, text while driving if you want to meet him.” – Pastor Floyd Ingram
  5. “Trust me. You’re not as good as texting while driving as you think you are.” – Anonymous

Distracted Driving Slogans

  1. Hang Up and Drive
  2. Don’t Get Distracted. Just Keep On Driving
  3. A Second off The Road Can Kill You
  4. The Text Message Is Not Worth Your Life
  5. It’s Hard to Concentrate on Two Things at the Same Time
  6. Would You Rather Be Distracted And Dead?
  7. That Text Message Can Wait
  8. Stop Distracted Driving
  9. Leave The Text Unread or You’ll End up Dead
  10. Learn To Be Focused and Stop Getting Distracted
  11. That Phone Call Can Wait
  12. Get the Message: Never Text While Driving
  13. Your Life Is More Important Than Sending That Text

Good No Texting and Driving Slogans

  1. Arrive alive, don’t text and drive.
  2. Stay Alive, Don’t Text & Drive.
  3. Please don’t kill my family today, hang up the phone and put it away.
  4. Text and Drive if you want to meet Jesus.
  5. Help saves lives, don’t text and drive.
  6. Stay alive? or text and drive?
  7. Stop the Texts and Stop the wrecks!
  8. Be careful, safety has no quitting time.
  9. Let the message wait… control your fate.
  10. No Text is Worth a Death.
  11. Don’t Drive inTEXTicated.
  12. Don’t text yourself to death.
  13. Don’t tempt fate that text can wait.
  14. Don’t tempt fate. Text can wait.
  15. Friends don’t let friends text and drive.
  16. Make your car a no phone zone.
  17. Put the phone done before you kill us both.
  18. Ain’t no survivin’ textin’ and drivin’
  19. Don’t let your last text be your last words.
  20. Drive and text if you want your death to be next.
  21. If you want to talk later. Stop texting while driving.
  22. Save a life. Don’t text and drive.

Best No Texting and Driving Campaign Slogans

  1. Don’t let a text kill you
  2. Texts can kill too
  3. Text later or regret forever
  4. Be alive or text and drive
  5. A no-phone zone is better
  6. Not a smart move
  7. Eyes on the road, not on the phone
  8. No one is worth your life
  9. Do not text and drive if you want to survive
  10. Roads are not meant for multitasking
  11. Let the text wait
  12. Safety first
  13. Do not risk your chances of survival
  14. Keep others and yourself safe
  15. Hang up the phone on the road
  16. Texting and driving not the right combination
  17. Socialize later, drive first
  18. Do not text and drive
  19. Do not dig your own grave
  20. Avoid crashing
  21. Text later to keep texting forever
  22. Texts can wait, life cannot
  23. Ensure your road safety
  24. Drive first, text later
  25. Texting and driving is a grave mistake
  26. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye
  27. Texting while driving can be your last text

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Statistics about Texting and Driving

  1. Young adults aged 18-24 who use their cellphones while driving also admits to engaging in other behaviours such as running the red lights, speeding, and others.
  2. Compared to students of other races or ethnicities, it is reported that white students are more likely to engage in texting while driving.
  3. A piece of information from AT&T Teen Driver Survey says that 97% of teens admit that texting while driving is dangerous, yet 43% of them still do it.
  4. The United States takes the lead in having the highest number of people engaging in texting while driving with 68% of drivers admitting to using their cellphone while driving. Compare this with Portugal’s 59% or Europe’s 29% rate.
  5. According to a study from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, people are six times more likely to be in a car crash accident from texting and driving than drinking and driving.
  6. There were 36,750 car accident deaths in 2018, 5.7% were caused by texting or calling while driving.

Best Text And Drive Slogans

  1. Not all notifications are important please avoid them on roads.
  2. Invite others to parties, not in accidents.
  3. Wheels are meant to be held with both hands.
  4. We love you more than you do to avoid cellphones while driving.
  5. Beauty lies within loyalty, stay loyal to yourself, and avoid phones.
  6. You can do this without the phone on other hand.
  7. Do not be the one in millions that die while texting and driving.
  8. Avoid the dangers and be smart, keep the phone aside.
  9. There is nothing important than a family, avoid text, and drive.
  10. Driving and texting are like a soul without a body.
  11. When you drive consider phones as mister nobody.
  12. That notification is not important to other’s life.

No Text And Drive Slogan

  1. Driving and texting are like pineapples on pizza.
  2. You got to be kidding yourself, throw the phone away.
  3. You do not have to be that careless, avoid cellphones.
  4. Do not die sooner, please avoid texting and driving.
  5. Your family loves you to avoid phones love them back.
  6. You can check your phones later, avoid text and drive.
  7. Live your whole life, avoid phones, please.
  8. Drink and drive are equal to text and drive.
  9. Driving while using phones kill millions don’t be one.
  10. Driving requires attention, phones divert attention.
  11. Please act like a responsible citizen and keep the phones away.
  12. Is your life that cheap? If no, avoid the notifications.
  13. Ignore your phone as you ignore your grades.

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