60+ Names That Mean Mint (2023)

Best Names That Mean Mint

60+ Names That Mean Mint (2023). The name “mint” has many different meanings. It may refer to a flavouring or herb that is used to refresh and renew. It might also be used to describe the minty green hue of green.

Names That Mean Mint

Regardless of the connotative meaning, you’ll find plenty of names meaning “mint” in this post to fit your needs. Here is the list of names that mean mint.

Girl Names That Mean Mint

  1. Betony (English): another name of English origin that refers to “a medicinal herb with a minty taste” and has been used for girls.
  2. Malisa (Thai): Not to be confused with the Greek name Malissa which means bee or honey, the Thai female’s name Malisa means balm, lemon balm, and mint.
  3. Mētra (Latvian): this is what mint is called in the Baltic state of Latvia.
  4. Annex (Armenian): means “mint” in Armenian and it’s an uncommon name in that country, which may make it sound exclusive and interesting as a baby name.
  5. Araminta (English): this name, which is a combination of Arabella and Aminta, means defender and lion, and it was first used by William Congreve in his 1693 comedy “The Old Bachelor”.
  6. Miehe (Chinese): the Chinese word for mint, the name Miehe also means guide, intelligence, and optimism.
  7. Caterina (Italian): this beautiful and melodic name in Italian means healing mint.
  8. As a curious fact, abolitionist Harriet Tubman was born Araminta Harriet Ross. Variants of this name include Arminta, Minty, Minta, and Mintie.
  9. Bòhé (Chinese): in Mandarin we have Bòhé, also meaning “mint”.
  10. Menta (Italian, Hungarian and Spanish): from the Latin word Mentha, which can also be used as a name, in these languages the word for “mint” is Menta. A pretty variation is an Italian name, Medina.
  11. Krusmynta (Swedish): the name of one of the female characters of the famous series Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren. In Swedish, a type of curly mint is called Krusmynta.
  12. Mėta (Lithuanian): another straight-to-the-point name meaning “mint”.

Names that have Mint as a nickname

Here is the list of names that mint as a nickname.

  1. Gedminte (female)
  2. Darmintas (male)
  3. Almintas (male)
  4. Clementine (female)
  5. Gedmintas (male)
  6. Rosaminta (female)
  7. Amyntor (male)
  8. Ermintrude (female)
  9. Amyntas (male)
  10. Armynta (female)
  11. Raminta (female)
  12. Aminthe (female)
  13. Normintas (male)
  14. Domintas (male)
  15. Norminte (female)
  16. Aminta (male)
  17. Darminte (female)
  18. Maminte (female)
  19. Araminta (female)
  20. Mintaka (female)
  21. Alminte (female)
  22. Clement, Clemint (male)

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Boy Names That Mean Mint

  1. A variation of this name is Amyntas or the female versions Amynta and Araminta.
  2. Aminta (Greek): made famous by the Italian poet Torquato Tasso in the 16th century for his 1573 play Aminta.
  3. Minze (German): in German mint is called mine and it has been used as a boy’s name.
  4. Coleus (Greek): in Ancient Greek “mint” was called coleus, and it has served as a boy’s name, although not a very popular one in recent years.

Gender-Neutral Mint Names

  1. Mint (Latin): this name has become increasingly popular and there are many variants in different languages but it is usually more defined for either boys or girls.
  2. Hejia (Chinese): another word for “mint” in Chinese is hejia, which has been used as a gender-neutral name.
  3. Pepper (English): a diminutive of Peppermint which is a variety of the mint plant, is an English name that has been used for both boys and girls.
  4. Wrigley (English): If you hear the name Wrigley, you will instantly think of the iconic chewing gum and its minty fresh flavour.

Names That Mean Mint Green

  1. Turquoise (English): comes from the blue-green stone of its namesake and as a name, it has been occasionally used for girls.
  2. Aquamarina (Spanish): colour in the same line is aquamarine, and in Spanish, Aquamarina is used as a name for girls.
  3. And in Greek, it means the noise of rushing waters, loud noise, din, or clamour.
  4. Cyan (English): this is a gender-neutral name that in English means greenish-blue and it’s a variant for mint green.
  5. Celadon (Greek): is a masculine name, which in the colour chart this colour is commonly confused with mint green.

Names Related to Mint

  1. Vasil (Bulgarian, Belarusian, Macedonian, Georgian, and Albanian): translates as “basil” in those languages and it’s normally used for boys.
  2. Rayhana (Arabic): in Arabic, we have Rayhana, and its variant Rihanna, which means basil. Also, Prophet Muhammad’s wife was named Rayhana.
  3. Iksura (Hindi): this is a feminine name that in Hindi means “fragrant herb”. It is very uncommon but beautiful.
  4. Vasyl (Ukrainian): male name that refers to the herb from the mint family “basil”.
  5. Patchouli (English): made popular in the hippie communes as a girl’s name during the ’60s and ’70s, it refers to a herb of the same name in the mint family.
  6. Timian (Norwegian): another boy’s name taken from the mint herb family is Norwegian Timian, which means “thyme”.
  7. Bhutan (Sanskrit): a name for boys that means lemongrass. There’s a variant in Hindi called Bhustrina.
  8. Chloe (Greek): although it’s not exactly mint, in Greek, it means “herb” or “green sprouts”.
  9. Anise (English): rare feminine name and one of the herbs from the mint family, also called Aniseed.
  10. Pennyroyal (English): a variety of mint is the pennyroyal it could be a beautiful name for a girl and an alternative for Penny.
  11. Salvia (English, Italian, Spanish): used as a female name, salvia is an alternative name for “sage”, and it also means healthy and safe.
  12. Rosemary (Latin, Hebrew): although it might also be a combination of the names Rose and Mary, this feminine name is the same as an aromatic herb of the mint family.
  13. Pasi (Finnish): this Finnish word means “basil” or “king” and it’s been used as a name for either boys or girls.

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