Purple Puffle Names And Suggestions (2023)

Most Beautiful Purple Puffle Names And Suggestion

Purple Puffle Names And Suggestions. Purple puffles, a hue of Puffle, were known for their love of dancing, especially in dance competitions, but they were also known to be highly finicky and diva-like. Around August 12, 2006, they initially made an appearance in The Penguin Times issue 41 in a covert photograph. Two weeks later, in Puffle Roundup. On August 25, 2006, they subsequently turned adaptable. Here is the list of Purple Puffle Names.

Purple Puffle Names

  1. MJ
  2. Dancer
  3. Purple Nurple(LOL)
  4. Grape
  5. Purple Rain
  6. Michael Jackson
  7. Boy:
  8. Cadence
  9. Bubblegum
  10. Disco
  11. Princess
  12. Violet
  13. Michael
  14. Girl

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Puffle Name Ideas

Here is the list of Puffle Names.

  1. Black Reindeer: Comet (female)
  2. Green Raccoon: Alan (male)
  3. Elite: Flare (male)
  4. Purple T-Rex: Thetis (female)
  5. White: Snowdrop (female)
  6. Unicorn: Streak (male)
  7. Orange Raccoon: Marigold (female)
  8. Pink: Rosie (female)
  9. Yellow: Anne (female)
  10. Green: Watermelon (male)
  11. Aqua: Oceanus (male)
  12. Blue Triceratops: Spike (female)
  13. Gold: Richcy (male)
  14. Purple: Disco (female)
  15. Female Count- 18
  16. Magenta: Millie (female)
  17. Snowman: Chris (female)
  18. Blue Raccoon: Fred (male)
  19. Red: Brady (male)
  20. Red Reindeer: Rudy (male)
  21. Green Bunny: Easter (female)
  22. Red Bunny: Flame (male)
  23. Rainbow: Wingman (male)
  24. Ghost: Ghostly (male)
  25. Ice: Winter (female)
  26. Cat: Sady (female)
  27. Orange: Pumpkin (male)
  28. Dog: Davis (male)
  29. Bunny: Sunny (male)
  30. Spectrum: Roy G. Biv (male)
  31. Blue Reindeer: Frost (female)
  32. Blue: Chuck (male)
  33. Grey (Club Penguin Rewritten): Sage (male)
  34. Yellow Stegosaurus: Twinkie (female)
  35. Pink Stegosaurus: Lady (female)
  36. Brown: Einstein (male)
  37. Red Triceratops: Patch (male)
  38. Jungle: Clover (male)
  39. Pink Bunny: Bubble Gum (female)
  40. Mandy: Rainbow (male)
  41. Silver: Cupcake (female)
  42. Purple Reindeer: Dancer (female)
  43. Black: Shadow (male)
  44. Magic: Sparkle (male)
  45. Male Count- 20
  46. Lucky: Mint (male)
  47. Pink Raccoon: Blossom (female)
  48. Black T-Rex: Achilles (male)

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