50+ Cute Spanish Nicknames For Girlfriend (2023)

50+ Cute Spanish Nicknames For Girlfriend (2023). In Spanish, as in English and other languages, we are accustomed to giving our partner or girlfriend cute nicknames. You don’t have to worry if phrases of endearment aren’t your thing.

There are countless ways to refer to your girlfriend in Spanish, some more popular than others, more romantic or humorous, but no matter what the reason, there will always be an appropriate nickname for you and the person who is the light in your life.

Cute Spanish Nicknames For Girlfriend

Cute Spanish Nicknames For Girlfriends

Before we begin with the list of Spanish nicknames, it is important to recall the most commonly used expressions of endearment to communicate your feelings in Spanish, the unquestionable compliment if you want to enchant your beloved.

Cute Girlfriend Spanish Nicknames

Cute Girlfriend Spanish Nicknames
  1. Princesa
  2. Mi cielito
  3. Mami
  4. Media naranja
  5. Ojos de ángel
  6. Mi luz
  7. Cosita linda
  8. Mi sirenita
  9. Bebé
  10. Mi angelita

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Funny Spanish Nicknames For Girlfriend

  1. Cuchi cuchi
  2. Pollita
  3. Osito
  4. Bombón
  5. Conejita
  6. El cerebro
  7. Churri
  8. Tigre
  9. Azúcar
  10. Pastelito

Playful Spanish Nicknames For Girlfriend

  1. Enana
  2. Mi reina
  3. Ricitos
  4. Chiquita
  5. Ojitos
  6. Chula
  7. Empanada dulce
  8. Chica
  9. Guapa
  10. Bella

Cool Spanish Nicknames

  1. Galletita
  2. Ojazos
  3. Hechicera
  4. Peluche
  5. Caramela
  6. Maravillosa
  7. Loba
  8. Gata
  9. Ninfa
  10. Regalito

Affectionate Spanish Girlfriend Nicknames

  1. Mi amada
  2. Mi sol
  3. Mi amor
  4. Enamorada
  5. Mi vida
  6. Mi corazón
  7. Mi alma
  8. Mi pedacito de cielo
  9. Cariño
  10. Mi amante


Spanish is an excellent language for expressing feelings and giving your girlfriend or boyfriend a cute nickname is pretty simple. However, you should not provide a name merely for the sake of giving one; you should feel it!

Inform your partner about your favourite Spanish nicknames. If your partner is Spanish, he or she will appreciate the gesture and think it is nice and hilarious. Never use a Spanish nickname that has a negative or derogatory connotation.

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