400+ Private Story Name Ideas

Catchy Private Story Name Ideas

400+ Private Story Name Ideas. There are three types of stories on Snapchat. By going to the Snap Map region where you uploaded the story and clicking on it, anyone can view the public story. Then there are the common stories, which only your friends can see. This is what you see when you click My Story to upload something. A Private Story is an additional option. At this point, you can decide which of your friends can and cannot see this story.

Private Story Name Ideas for Snapchat

If you want your friends to be able to recognise your Private stories, you can choose to give them a catchy name. To get you started, check out this collection of amusing, adorable, and inventive Snapchat private story names.

Funny Private Story Names

  1. POV: You’re my therapist
  2. Insert cool name here
  3. Let’s pretend I said something funny
  4. Now that you’re here
  5. Toodles noodles
  6. Hello, Dunder Mifflin, this is <Your Name>
  7. Highway to hell
  8. To the streets!
  9. The Life & Times of a Quaranteen
  10. Simps & Pimps
  11. Don’t @ me
  12. Espresso yourself
  13. A Series of Unfortunate Events
  14. Among us
  15. Shower thoughts
  16. People I tolerate
  17. Fudge yourself
  18. On Wednesday’s we wear pink
  19. 50 Shades of Me
  20. 50 Shades of <Your Name>
  21. The friend zone
  22. Who gave you an invite?
  23. The Meme Team
  24. <Your Last Name>’s Anatomy
  25. You can’t sit with us
  26. Take 2
  27. Umm chile anyways so
  28. The hot goss
  29. Beef with the chief
  30. It’s a wrap
  31. Backstage babies
  32. Cool name loading
  33. The 411
  34. Welcome to my channel
  35. Daily vlogs
  36. My face at 50 angles
  37. Teens Inc
  38. Santa’s Naughty List
  39. Simp Nation
  40. Spaghetti & Meatballs
  41. God tier
  42. Can you believe you made it
  43. Homie Depot
  44. Hot springs
  45. Boy/Girl Meets World
  46. Only fans
  47. It izz what it izz
  48. <Your Name> 4 President
  49. Bed, bath & beyond
  50. Aloha beaches!

Cute Private Story Names

  1. You made it!
  2. Numero Uno’s
  3. Oh, Snap
  4. The real ones
  5. Bloopers
  6. Spam squad
  7. Pinot Grigio girls
  8. Dear Diary
  9. Ride or dies
  10. Hot girl summa
  11. All Day Tea Party
  12. Upper East Side
  13. Drama Club
  14. The all-night crew
  15. Diary of a Simpy Kid
  16. Nonaesthetic photo dump
  17. Literally my life
  18. Backstage Entry
  19. & That’s The Tea
  20. Circa. <Your Birth Year>
  21. Thanks for stopping by
  22. Felt cute
  23. All the cool kids
  24. Private Party
  25. The time is now
  26. Favorites
  27. Vibes n Tribes
  28. Channel <Your Name>
  29. Glee Club
  30. Est. <Your Birth Year>
  31. My Gs
  32. Invite Only
  33. Nerd nation
  34. Afterhours with <Your Name>
  35. Behind the scenes
  36. Snap squad
  37. Enemies to lovers
  38. For your eyes only
  39. Elites
  40. Getaway car
  41. The days of our lives
  42. <Your Name> TV
  43. Keepin’ it real
  44. No treble
  45. Bucket of crabs
  46. Circle of Trust
  47. V.I.P Passes
  48. All about the bass
  49. Keeping Up With <Insert Your Name>
  50. The insiders
  51. The Powerpuff girls
  52. The A-List
  53. The inside scoop
  54. How I met your mother
  55. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
  56. Gossip Girls
  57. We’re all in this together
  58. Frenemies

Creative Private Story Name Ideas

  1. The Originals
  2. All the other kids
  3. Reasons why I’m single
  4. Tons of tea spillage
  5. Motley crew
  6. Xclusive
  7. Chamber of secrets
  8. Can’t touch this
  9. The secret life of <Your Name>
  10. Mukgang
  11. Procrastination Station
  12. Clowns around town
  13. *WANTED* Attention
  14. OG Squad
  15. <Your Name>’s Army
  16. Sir Dabs a lot
  17. The <Your Name> Movie
  18. Melting pot
  19. Gang Gang Gang Gang
  20. Only Fools
  21. Private Showing
  22. All Fax, No Printer
  23. Groundhog day
  24. The Snooze Cruise
  25. Gal Acapella
  26. The Big Gang Theory
  27. The Hot Pots
  28. That’s So <Your Name>
  29. Touch me not
  30. The <Your Name> Show
  31. <Your Name> with a chance
  32. BrOGs
  33. <Your Name> In Wonderland
  34. She said what?
  35. Lovers/Losers
  36. The Late Night Show With <Your Name>
  37. Baby’s day out
  38. That’s so fetch!
  39. Madhatter’s Tea Party
  40. The gladi(ate)ors
  41. That <Your Name>’s Show
  42. Catch me if you can
  43. Lo(v/s)ers
  44. It’s Always Sunny in <Your City>
  45. Mukbang Gang
  46. The Chilling Adventures of <Your Name>
  47. Hands up, FBI!

Best Private Story Names for Snapchat

  1. What I’m Grateful For
  2. My Favorite Foods
  3. What I’m Feeling Today
  4. Kitten Adventures
  5. The Story of Us
  6. The Girl Who
  7. I’m Just the Camera
  8. Snapchat Queen
  9. This Morning on My Mind
  10. A Day in the Life
  11. The Story Behind That Photo
  12. My Crazy Life
  13. Cute Animals Around World
  14. The Voice of Reason
  15. What I Love About My Life
  16. Escape from Reality
  17. Best Thing I Bought This Week
  18. I’m Not Crazy
  19. My Firsts & Lasts on Snapchat
  20. Monday Blues
  21. The Reality of My Life
  22. I’m Growing Up
  23. Holiday Traditions
  24. A Face You’ll Never Forget
  25. My Day with the Kids
  26. We Can Be Heroes
  27. The Most Important Lesson

Snapchat Private Story Names for Boys

  1. Haters Gonna Hate
  2. The Most Interesting Boy Ever
  3. I’m Too Flirty
  4. The Boy Who Hates Mondays
  5. Can I Have Your Number?
  6. The Shy One
  7. Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine
  8. The Coolest Guy Ever
  9. I’m So Sorry, Really I Am
  10. Crazy And I Know It
  11. This Is How I Roll
  12. Superman, But Too Shy
  13. Snack Time, Boys and Girls!
  14. I Just Really Like Girls
  15. The One With the Pretty Face
  16. Suspiciously Sweet Guy
  17. The One With the Crazy Friends
  18. The Joke Machine
  19. The Boy Who Wears All Black
  20. Why Am I So Dumb?
  21. Ladies Man Extraordinaire
  22. Hey, Girl. I’ll Buy You Some Tacos
  23. The Boy With The Fuzzy Face
  24. Loose Lips Sink Ships
  25. Here Comes Trouble
  26. The Boy Who Lost His Smile
  27. The Boy Who Can’t Dance
  28. What’s Up, Ladies?
  29. Mood: Up For Anything
  30. The Constant Complainer
  31. I’m A Nerd
  32. Snapchat King
  33. Young, Dumb and Bored AF
  34. 100% Single and Available
  35. The Shy Guy Nobody Knows
  36. I’m Just A Kid, I Swear
  37. I’m a Bully
  38. Party On, Dude. Party Harder
  39. I’m Too Young To Die
  40. Mr. Cool, Calm and Collected
  41. I’m Too Good To Be True
  42. Fashionista Extraordinaire
  43. Girl in Love with a Bad Boy
  44. The Silent Type

Snapchat Private Story Names for Girls

  1. This Girl is a Cat Lady
  2. I Hate My Job. Why Do I Love It?
  3. The Sweet, Smart & Sexy
  4. I’m Cool, Seriously
  5. My Mom’s Favorite Child
  6. I’m Not Trying To Be Mean But
  7. I’m a Girl Who Stays Up Late
  8. So Emotional
  9. Sweet Potato Toast: A Love Story
  10. Snapchat Queen
  11. You’ll Be My Next Boyfriend
  12. How Did I Get So Fat
  13. Just A Girl Saying Hi
  14. I’m Too Cool for School
  15. “Bad” Girls
  16. Oops! I Forgot My Pants. Again.
  17. Pizza Pizza! Let’s Eat!
  18. We Can Be Heroes Together
  19. I’m Just a Grown Woman
  20. The Girl Who Wears All Black
  21. The Girl Who Got the Date
  22. Here Comes Trouble
  23. The Girl with Crazy Haircut
  24. “Good” Girls (Male Version)
  25. I’m Going to Be Famous
  26. If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em
  27. The Girl Who Hates Herself
  28. The Girl Who Lost His Smile
  29. I’m Growing Up
  30. Just a Girl in Love with Her Man
  31. Don’t Cry: Smile Instead
  32. It’s Too Late To Apologize Now

Dark Humor Private Story Names

These are the fresh and original Snapchat dark humour private story names, and they’re perfect if you adore dark humour

  1. Morbid Humor of Today
  2. Hoe Private Stories
  3. Gangs of Gun
  4. Black Comedy on SC
  5. Let Me Be Funny
  6. National Humor
  7. Darkest Nights Fallout
  8. Lost In Fun
  9. Dark Comedy Today
  10. Jokes Apart SC
  11. Gallows Humor Guy
  12. Panther Of Days
  13. Holloween is Falling
  14. Bored Stories
  15. Black Humour Stories
  16. Prince Of Darkness
  17. Lonely Ladies
  18. London Dreams

Stoner Story Name Ideas

  1. 50 Shades of My Story
  2. Simply Funny
  3. Hookup Screens
  4. My Booty Shakes
  5. Not for You
  6. Bathtub Thoughts
  7. The Only 007
  8. Among Us (a wolf)
  9. Last Morning and Today
  10. Lost Santa
  11. Goddamn Funny
  12. Toons And Teens
  13. Quaranteen is Fun
  14. OnlyFans? Check Me
  15. Pepper Stories
  16. What’s on The Floor?
  17. The Only Joker
  18. Let’s Make Some Noise
  19. Backstage Babies
  20. Memes Panda
  21. Tell Me Your Name
  22. This Happened To Me
  23. Milf On The Floor
  24. Dipping Queen
  25. Touch that Belly
  26. I for Only Fans!
  27. Comfort Zone
  28. Chile on Sauce
  29. Private, So Private
  30. Homecoming Jokes

Offensive Private Story Names

Many Snapchat users enjoy giving their private stories offensive titles, so we’ve compiled a list of some seriously nasty suggestions for you

  1. That Ass, Wow
  2. Rude To Dudes
  3. Dreams Of Hell
  4. Wounding Hearts
  5. I Don’t Give A
  6. F**k Off Man
  7. Who’s that Bitch?
  8. Beware, I am Here
  9. Insulting Bitches
  10. Last Social Star
  11. Hurtful Stories
  12. Invading Trends

Slutty Private Story Names

Have a sexy mood? Here is a list of some highly suggestive names for private stories:

  1. Come I Seeing You
  2. Lonely Lovers
  3. Hungry For You
  4. Slutty For All
  5. Unknown Princess
  6. Derogatory is Love
  7. Queens Of Lust
  8. I am for everyone
  9. That’s For You
  10. Having Fun At Night
  11. No, No Regrets
  12. Lets Play Togather
  13. Love Is Everywhere

Equestrian Private Story Names

  1. Riding In The Morning
  2. Sun Socking Games
  3. Playing With My Horse
  4. Horse Riding Stories
  5. Let He Run
  6. My Horse Did Snapchat
  7. Horses And Humans
  8. Horses Here
  9. Jokey Lovers Only
  10. Equestrian Stories On SC

Alcohol Private Story Names

Drinking is a bad habit, yet it’s better to use an alcoholic moniker in your private narrative

  1. Shots of Joy
  2. Drunkey Bunkey
  3. Last Drinks Here
  4. Dancing Cocktails
  5. Lost On The Floor
  6. Wine Stories on SC
  7. Alcoholic Girls
  8. Lost in the bottle
  9. Drinking From Drum
  10. Alcoholic Guys
  11. Sip It, Fake It
  12. Mashing With DJ
  13. Drinking Is Cool
  14. I Drink For Life

Spiritual Private Story Names

Religion is important to everyone, and the following list of seriously spiritual Snapchat usernames you may use right away includes:

  1. Religious Grounds
  2. World Is Beautiful
  3. Only Happiness
  4. Sacred Stories
  5. Inner Peace
  6. Being Humans
  7. Let’s Pray
  8. Lets Pray Together
  9. Islam Is Love
  10. Only Good Posts
  11. Holy Hacks
  12. Paradise Lost

Drinking Private Story Names

  1. Drinks Are Not Healthy
  2. Shh, Let’s Drink
  3. General Drinking Tips
  4. Night Of Drinking
  5. Drinking With Friends
  6. Water Is Pure
  7. Colorful Drinks
  8. I Love This Drink
  9. Drinking Queens
  10. Coke For Everyone

Equine Private Story Names

  1. Riding Today, Pics Here
  2. Horses Of Pride
  3. Lonely? Lets Ride
  4. World Is Ground
  5. Paradise Horses
  6. My Equine HEHE
  7. Bames Parlor
  8. What An Animal
  9. Riding To Roads
  10. Love Of Animals
  11. Dictator’s Horse

Zodiac Private Story Name Ideas

Love astrology and the stars? You’ll adore these wonderful suggestions for zodiac narrative names that also go with your star name:

  1. I Am A Star
  2. Angels Of Hands
  3. Handlines Say Something
  4. Destiny Destined
  5. Future Of Yours
  6. Coolest Predictions
  7. My Wild Dreams
  8. Shining Above Skies
  9. 12 Types Of Snaps
  10. Snapchat Zodiac Stories

Dirty Private Story Name Ideas

Do you enjoy using a filthy secret story name to post the newest pictures and videos to Snapchat? Observe them below:

  1. See Through Pics
  2. Shh, Just Check It
  3. Seduced To Eat
  4. Unwashed Sex Stories
  5. Grooming Of Me
  6. I Know, I Post
  7. Vulgar Outfits
  8. Dirty Joker
  9. Who’s That Bastard?
  10. Virtual World Of Stories

Horse Private Story Name Ideas

  1. Donkey Horse Cup
  2. Running Races
  3. My Green Grounds
  4. Wild Horses
  5. Riders Of Night
  6. Running Races
  7. Pure Series on SC
  8. My Green Grounds
  9. Brilliant Games
  10. I Love My Horse
  11. Polo Masters
  12. Lonely With Horse

Rude Private Story Name Ideas

  1. Unpleasant Moments
  2. I Will Broke It
  3. Sudden Clicks
  4. I Have A Bad Habit
  5. Got To Do This
  6. Bad Mannered Guy
  7. Under My Foot
  8. Hell Yeah Clicks
  9. I Am Not Your Servant
  10. Bad Mannered Girl

Bad Private Story Names

  1. Poped Balloons
  2. Badass Guys
  3. Don’t You See My D?
  4. Wonders Of My Head
  5. Lonely Not Free
  6. Brutal Clicks
  7. Private Story Of Nuts
  8. Crushed Stomach
  9. I Don’t Follow
  10. Stories Not For Sharing

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