100+ Names Of Animal Groupings (2023)

100+ Names Of Animal Groupings (2023). Animal collective names date back thousands of years. They date back to medieval times, thus they are written in the language of the time, which may sound strange to us. These names are based on some of the animals’ distinguishing characteristics, such as their behavior, looks, and intellect.

Names Of Animal Groupings

Names Of Animal Grouping

These collective names for the group of animals are particularly significant in competitive exams. They may be asked directly in the General Knowledge section or as collective nouns in the General English section. So come on, let us study and learn their names.

Animal Group Name Ideas

Here is the list of animal group name ideas:

  1. Camels: a caravan
  2. Caterpillars: an army
  3. Cats: a clowder, glaring, pounce, nuisance or clutter; Kittens: a litter or kindle; Wild cats: a destruction
  4. Cattle: a herd or drove
  5. Cheetahs: a coalition
  6. Chickens: a brood or peep; Chicks: a clutch or chattering
  7. Clams: a bed
  8. Cobras: a quiver
  9. Colts: a rag
  10. Cows: a kine, drove, herd or fold; twelve or more cows are a flink
  11. Coyotes: a band
  12. Cranes: a sedge
  13. Crocodiles: a float or bask
  14. Crows: a murder
  15. Deer: a herd
  16. Dogs: a pack or cowardice; Puppies: a litter
  17. Dolphins: a pod
  18. Donkeys: a drove
  19. Doves: a dule
  20. Ducks: a brace, paddling or team
  21. Eagles: a convocation
  22. Elephants: a herd or parade
  23. Antelope: a herd
  24. Ants: a colony or an army
  25. Apes: a shrewdness
  26. Baboons: a troop
  27. Badgers: a cete
  28. Bass: a shoal
  29. Bats: a colony, cloud or cauldron
  30. Bears: a sloth or sleuth; Cubs: a litter
  31. Beavers: a colony
  32. Bees: a swarm
  33. Boar: a sounder
  34. Buffalo: a gang or obstinacy
  35. Elk: a gang or herd
  36. Emus: a mob
  37. Falcons: a cast
  38. Ferrets: a business or fesnyng
  39. Finches: a charm
  40. Fish: a school, shoal, run, haul or catch
  41. Flamingos: a stand or flamboyance
  42. Flies: a swarm, hatch or business
  43. Foxes: a skulk or leash
  44. Frogs: an army or a colony
  45. Geese: a gaggle or flock, a skein when in flight
  46. Giraffes: a tower
  47. Gnats: a cloud or horde
  48. Goats: a herd, tribe or trip
  49. Goldfinches: a charm
  50. Goldfish: a troubling
  51. Gorillas: a band
  52. Grasshoppers: a cloud
  53. Greyhounds: a leach
  54. Hares: a down or husk
  55. Hawks: a cast or kettle
  56. Hippopotami: a bloat or thunder
  57. Hogs: a drift or parcel
  58. Horses: a team or harras
  59. Hounds: a pack, mute or cry
  60. Hyenas: a cackle

Names Of Animal Groupings

Here is the list of names of animal groupings:

  1. Mules: a pack, barren or span
  2. Nightingales: a watch
  3. Otters: a family, romp or raft
  4. Owls: a parliament
  5. Oxen: a team or yoke
  6. Oysters: a bed
  7. Parrots: a pandemonium or company
  8. Partridges: a covey
  9. Peacocks: a muster or ostentation
  10. Penguins: a colony
  11. Pheasants: a nest, nide or bouquet
  12. Pigeons: a flock or flights
  13. Pigs: a drift or drove (younger pigs), or a sounder, litter or team (older pigs)
  14. Ponies: a string
  15. Porcupines: a prickle
  16. Rabbits: a colony or warren
  17. Raccoons: a gaze
  18. Rats: a colony, pack, swarm or mischief
  19. Rattlesnakes: a rhumba
  20. Ravens: an unkindness
  21. Rhinoceroses: a crash
  22. Sharks: a shiver
  23. Sheep: a drove or flock
  24. Skunks: a stench
  25. Snakes: a nest or knot
  26. Sparrows: a host
  27. Jaguars: a shadow
  28. Jellyfish: a smack or brood
  29. Kangaroos: a troop or mob
  30. Larks: an ascension or exaltation
  31. Lemurs: a conspiracy
  32. Leopards: a leap
  33. Lice: a flock
  34. Lions: a pride
  35. Locust: a plague or cloud
  36. Magpies: a tiding or tittering
  37. Mallards: a sord
  38. Manatees: an aggregation
  39. Mares: a stud
  40. Martens: a richness
  41. Minnows: a steam
  42. Moles: a labor
  43. Monkeys: a barrel, cartload or troop
  44. Squirrels: a dray or scurry
  45. Starlings: a murmuration
  46. Stingrays: a fever
  47. Storks: a mustering
  48. Swans: a bevy or lamentation, a wedge when in flight 
  49. Tigers: an ambush or a streak
  50. Toads: a knot or knab
  51. Trout: a hover
  52. Turkeys: a gang, posse or rafter
  53. Turtles: a bale or nest
  54. Vultures: a venue
  55. Wasps: a pledge
  56. Weasels: a colony, gang or pack
  57. Whales: a pod, school or gam
  58. Wolves: a pack or route
  59. Wombats: a wisdom
  60. Woodpeckers: a descent
  61. Zebras: a zeal

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