Fairy Names Ideas And Suggestions (2023)

Cool Fairy Names Ideas And Suggestions

Fairy Names Ideas And Suggestions. So, you or your child think of yourselves as a little bit of a fairy, huh? Maybe the forest sprites may relate to you. Or perhaps you simply have a deeper understanding of Tinker Bell than other Disney enthusiasts. You’re not alone in your love of fairies, whatever your motivation may be. Worldwide, there is an obsession with fairy life.

Fairy Names Ideas And Suggestions

In fact, the small winged creatures have entire departments dedicated to them in children’s bookstores. The myth and legend around fairies just seem so magical and precious. And, okay, perhaps a little creepy as well. Did you know that the Irish thought fairies would enter homes at night and “steal” babies’ breaths? That wasn’t the only unfavourable fairy rumour, though. many civilizations and faiths have folklore that revolves around sneaky, frequently mean creatures that resemble fairies.

Inspiring Fairy Names

Here is the list of Inspiring Fairy Names:

  1. Ophelia
  2. Aubrey
  3. Ireland
  4. Blossom
  5. Dash
  6. Petal
  7. Navi
  8. Aine
  9. Ellie
  10. Aslan
  11. Nixie
  12. Elisa
  13. Ailsa
  14. Morgan
  15. Ainslee
  16. Nidaw
  17. Dela
  18. Fleur
  19. Asherah
  20. Elida
  21. Firtha
  22. Marin
  23. Cosmo
  24. Parisa
  25. Kelpie
  26. Charlotte
  27. Camellia
  28. Mariam
  29. Frost
  30. Lily
  31. Leucothea
  32. Alette
  33. Marica
  34. Fern
  35. Brucie
  36. Eflie
  37. Cordelia
  38. Feya
  39. Ondine
  40. Diana
  41. Briar
  42. Hyacinth
  43. Meriol
  44. Aubrette
  45. Linetta
  46. Bayani
  47. Dana
  48. Finn
  49. Aspen
  50. Fayetta
  51. Éire
  52. Dianthe
  53. Calypso
  54. Faye
  55. Lilac
  56. Migina
  57. Daisy
  58. Alette
  59. Fairy
  60. Aurora
  61. Gulliver
  62. Chepi
  63. Ilayda
  64. Niall
  65. Flora
  66. Naida
  67. Advika
  68. Elvinia
  69. Céilidh
  70. Peony
  71. Alice
  72. Olette
  73. Dahlia
  74. Lanette
  75. Ivy
  76. Hai
  77. Iris
  78. Gary
  79. Bridget
  80. Adelina
  81. Magnus
  82. Oberon
  83. Avery
  84. Melody
  85. Blue
  86. Linette
  87. Alfreda
  88. Bloom
  89. Elvina
  90. Forrest
  91. Lynette
  92. Nissa
  93. Derya
  94. Elowen
  95. Aisling
  96. Pippy
  97. Aelfdene
  98. Celeste
  99. Pari

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Names That Start with A

  1. Avery – From Old English, meaning “ruler of the elves” 
  2. Aine – From Irish, meaning “queen of fairies”
  3. Ashera – A goddess of fertility and motherhood in the Hebrew tradition
  4. Aubrette – A German name, meaning “elf”
  5. Aelfdene – An English name, Meaning “from the Elf valley”
  6. Asia – Meaning “Sunrise,” from Greek mythology
  7. Alette – From Latin origins, meaning “small winged one”

Fairy Names That Start with B

  1. Briar – An English name, meaning “thorn”
  2. Brucie – Meaning “forest fairy,” from the Scottish tradition
  3. Blossom – An English flower name
  4. Breena – From Gaelic, meaning “land of fairies”
  5. Brigid – From Celtic origin, a goddess of wisdom, meaning “strength”

Names That Start with C

  1. Carlin – A unisex Irish name meaning “little champion,” also associated with hills where witches and fairies gather
  2. Cordelia – From Latin and Celtic origins, meaning “daughter of the sea”
  3. Calypso – A sea nymph in Greek mythology, meaning “hidden one”
  4. Ceilidh – From Irish tradition, pronounced like Kaylee, meaning “dance gathering”
  5. Chepi – Chepi is a ghost or fairy in the mythology of the Narragansett tribe of Native Americans

Fairy Names That Start with D

  1. Dana – An Irish mother goddess, meaning “good”
  2. Diantha – From Greek mythology, meaning “divine flower” and “flower of Zeus”
  3. Derya – A unisex Turkish name, related to the Persian name, Daria, both meaning “sea”
  4. Dela – Related to Delicia, meaning “small winged one”
  5. Delicia – A Latin name, meaning “delightful”

Names That Start with E

  1. Elfie– An Irish name that means “elf power”
  2. Elida – An Irish name meaning “fairy,” also found in Greek, meaning “gift of the sun”
  3. Elvina – From English, meaning “friendly elf”
  4. Elowen – From Cornish tradition, meaning “elm”
  5. Elvinia – From English, meaning “elf friend” or “elf queen”

Names That Start with F

  1. Fay – Meaning “fairy,” from Old English.
  2. Firtha – A Scottish name, meaning “sea maiden”
  3. Fayette– From French, meaning “little fairy”
  4. Fern – From English, meaning “fearn” or someone who lives among the ferns
  5. Freya – From Old Norse, meaning “noblewoman”

Fairy Names That Start with G

  1. Gelsey – A Persian name, meaning “flower”
  2. Glenda – A Welsh name, meaning “fair and good”
  3. Griselda – A German name, meaning “grey battle”
  4. Gulliver – An Irish name, meaning “glutton”
  5. Gullveig – From Old Norse, meaning “gold-drunk,” a name of a mythical witch

Fairy Names That Start with H

  1. Hansel – A name for boys, a form of Hans, meaning “God is gracious”
  2. Holly – An English nature name, meaning “holy day”
  3. Hildi – A Norse name, meaning “armed for battle,” referring to one of the Valkyries
  4. Hyacinth – A unisex Greek flower name referring to the flower or meaning “precious stone,” in mythology, the name belonged to a young Spartan whose spilled blood caused flowers to grow
  5. Hai – Meaning “fairy shoe,” from Vietnamese

Names That Start with I

  1. Ilayda – Meaning “water fairy,” from Turkish
  2. Ione – A Greek sea nymph (Nereids), meaning “a violet stone”
  3. Iolanthe – Another Greek name, this one meaning “violet flower”
  4. Ivy – An English nature name, meaning “vine” and “fidelity”
  5. Ianeira – Another Greek name, meaning “sea deity”

Names That Start with K

  1. Kerensa – A Cornish name, meaning “love”
  2. Kelpie – From Gaelic lore, a shape-shifting aquatic being, meaning “colt”
  3. Kalliope – Meaning “beautiful voice,” the music of epic, Greek poetry
  4. Klabautermann – From Baltic mythology, a being that assisted sailors and fisherman on the Baltic Sea
  5. Kali – From Sanskrit, meaning “black one,” a Hindu goddess of destruction

Fairy Names That Start with L

  1. Leucothea – A Greek sea goddess who came to the aid of sailors, meaning “Of the Ionian Sea”
  2. Lara – Meaning “citadel,” a name to a nymph in Ovid’s Fasti 
  3. Laila – From Arabic, meaning “night,” an angel
  4. Linette – From Welsh tradition and Arthurian legend, meaning “idol” and “image”
  5. Lily – An English flower name, meaning “pure”
  6. Lanette – Meaning “a small songbird” and “nymph,” with Welsh origins

Fairy Names That Start with M

  1. Maurelle – A French name, meaning “dark” and “elfin”
  2. Melusine – From French folklore, a legendary magical being associated with water, meaning “strong in work”
  3. Marigold – An English name, meaning “golden flower”
  4. Meriol – An Irish name, belonging to a nymph, meaning “of the bright sea”
  5. Morgan – A Welsh name associated with Morgan le Fay of Arthurian legend, meaning “sea-born” and “sea-circle”
  6. Muirenn – An Irish name of a mermaid, meaning “born of the sea”

Names That Start with N

  1. Nyx – Another name from Greek, meaning “night” and referring to a goddess of the night likened to a shadow
  2. Nixie – A German name, meaning “water nymph”
  3. Nerida – A Greek name meaning “sea nymph” (related to Naida), and “mermaid”
  4. Naida – Meaning “water nymph,” occurring in both Arabic and Greek traditions
  5. Navi – A Hebrew name, meaning “to name,” a biblical class of prophets
  6. Nissa – A Scandinavian name, meaning “elfin” and “fairy”

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Fairy Names That Start with O

  1. Odiane – An English name, meaning “elfin spear”
  2. Ondine – A Latin name, meaning “little wave,” a mythical spirit of the waters
  3. Olette – Another Latin name, meaning “small winged one”
  4. Oberon – A unisex English name, king of the Faries in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  5. Oona – An Irish name, meaning “lamb”

Fairy Names That Start with P

  1. Posey – An English name, meaning “bouquet of flowers”
  2. Pan – A legendary European fairy figure with the legs of a goat and body of a man, likes to play the pipes, meaning “all”
  3. Puck – A mischievous pixie created by Shakespeare
  4. Pari – A Persian/Iranian name, meaning “fairy”
  5. Parisa – Related to Pari, meaning “fairy-like”
  6. Pixie – To the Swedish and Cornish, this name means “fairy”

Names That Start with R

  1. Rosalia – From Spain and Italy, refers to the Roman tradition of hanging roses on coffins, meaning “rose”
  2. Rhiannon – A Welsh name, from Celtic legend, meaning “divine queen”
  3. Rue – A Latin botanical name, also a word-name, meaning “regret”
  4. Rhoswen – Another name from Welsh tradition, meaning “white rose”
  5. Rosemary – A Latin name, meaning “sea dew”
  6. Rusalka – Name to a woodland sprite, the Slavic equivalent of the Little Mermaid
  7. Radella – An English name, meaning “elfin advisor”

Fairy Names That Start with S

  1. Siofra – From Irish Gaelic myth, meaning “a sprite” or  “a changeling”
  2. Shayla – From Sanskrit/Hindu origins, meaning “fairy place”
  3. Sabrina – A legendary Celtic goddess, meaning “from the River Severn”
  4. Sebille – From the Legend of King Arthur, a fairy, meaning “prophetess”
  5. Sindri – A name from Norse tradition, meaning “mythical dwarf”
  6. Sereia – A Portuguese name, meaning “mermaid”

Fairy Names That Start with T

  1. Tanya – A Russian diminutive form of Tiana, also meaning “fairy queen”
  2. Titania – A fairy from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a Greek name meaning “giant”
  3. Tryamon – From Arthurian Legend, meaning “fairy princess”
  4. Tiana – Meaning “fairy queen,” from Slavic origins
  5. Tunder – From Hungarian origin, meaning “fairy”
  6. Triton – A Greek mythological name, meaning “merman”

Names That Start with U

  1. Ula – A Celtic name, meaning “gem of the sea”
  2. Ulka – From German origin, meaning “power of the wolf”
  3. Ursule – A Scandinavian form of Ursula, meaning “little she-bear”
  4. Ulrike – From German, meaning “mistress of all”
  5. Uira – From Arabic, meaning “water lady”

Fairy Names That Start with V

  1. Velika – A Slavic name, meaning “wondrous”
  2. Vernise – A Latin name, meaning “spring”
  3. Vesta – Meaning “pure,” the Roman goddess of the hearth and household
  4. Venish – Meaning “butterfly,” from Greek
  5. Venus – A Roman goddess of romance and beauty, meaning “mother of Rome”

Fairy Names That Start with W

  1. Willow – An English botanical name, meaning “willow tree”
  2. Wilda – From Old English by way of Old German, meaning “untamed”
  3. Winnie – A Welsh name, from Winnifred, meaning “fair” and “peacemaker”
  4. Win – From Old English, meaning “fairy” and “fair”
  5. Wednesday – From Old English, Norse, and Germanic mythology, meaning “Woden’s Day”

Names That Start with X or Y

  1. Xeni – From Guatemalan origin, meaning “protector of flowers” and “welcoming”
  2. Yolie – From Spanish, meaning “a violet flower”
  3. Xantho – From Greek mythology, a sea nymph, meaning “golden one”
  4. Xyla – Another Greek name, meaning “dweller in the woods”

Fairy Names That Start with Z

  1. Zylvia – From Latin, sharing the same root as Sylvia, Silvanus, a Roman deity of the woods, thus, the name means “from the forest”
  2. Zillah – A name from Hebrew origin, meaning “shadow”
  3. Zahra – From Arabic, meaning “white flower”
  4. Zephyr – A unisex name, from Greek, meaning “west wind” and associated with the God of westerly breezes

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